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Zoning with 60′-Feet-Tall Buildings on Jollyville Rd?
Tell the City: “I OBJECT”: E-MAIL the City (HERE)

Due: Monday, November 19, 2018

Protest Form (Download PDF)

Zoning with 60′-Feet-Tall Buildings on Jollyville Rd?
Tell the City: “I OBJECT”: Download Protest Form

Due: Monday, November 19, 2018

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Next ZAP Meeting

WHEN: Tuesday, Nov. 20, 2018
WHAT: ZAP Hearing (Zoning Commission)
WHERE: City Hall (301 W 2nd St, Austin, TX 78701
TIME: 6 PM – 9 PM
PARKING: Underneath & validation available.

TOPIC: Rezoning the Asian American Cultural Center


  1. E-mail the City (click the link above for the e-mail template):

         a. Due by Monday, November 19, 2018

         b. Sherri.Sirwaitis@AustinTexas.gov

  2. Come to City Hall/ZAP Meeting on:

         a. Tuesday, November 20, 2018

         b. At City Hall @ 6:00 pm.

  3. The City is receiving many “IN FAVOR” forms addressed from people outside of Austin, TX. So, please let the City know that you do live in the Raintree Estates/Jollyville neighborhood.


=> ANY ADDITIONAL COMMENTS provided are also appreciated, so the council can have a better understanding of why you have chosen your choice.


  1. Once the ZAP hearing is over (Tuesday, 11-20-18), they will write create a recommendation and submit that to the City Council, where they will then VOTE on what to do.

  1. Is it also IMPORTANT that the City Council hears from YOU, as they will have the FINAL DECISION over what happens to our neighborhood/Jollyville Road zoning!

  1. District 10 Represents 78759: Alderman Alison Alter

  2. Contact: Kurt Cadena-Mitchell

  3. CC:Mail: Kurt.Cadena-Mitchell@austintexas.gov

  4. Phone: (512) 978 2110 / or Direct: (512) 978-2207


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Raintree Estates – Neighborhood Proud Since 1957

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Neighborhood Alliance – 78759 Austin, TX.

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Protest Form (Download PDF)

Zoning with 60′-Feet-Tall Buildings on Jollyville Rd?
Tell the City: “I OBJECT”: Download Protest Form

Due: Monday, November 19, 2018


Neighborhood Wide Alliance
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District 10/ Alison Alter
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The AACC’s current zoning “LO” (3 Stories, max) 98% of the neighborhood is in favor of the AACC’s ability to expand its campus (via a survey we did from May-July 2016).

Please send the Protest Form/a message to the Zoning & Planning Committee  (ZAP) & City Council, telling them our neighborhood does not want developers to have the ability to build any developments OVER 40-FEET-TALL on Jollyville Road.

If we allow the requested change to GR-MU,
this could set a precedence of other private developers
to consider our neighborhood and Jollyville Road for
their restaurants, shopping centers and high rise apartments.


Calendar of Events

Done: Oct. 24, 2018: Wednesday Neighborhood Alliance Meeting Asian American Cultural Center
11713 Jollyville Rd, 78759
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
 Nov. 19, 2018: Monday Protest Form Due e-mail to:
cc:mail to:
<= District 10 office will be cc’ed
 Tentative & Still Confirming,
Nov. 20, 2018: Tuesday
Zoning & Planning Commission (ZAP) 301 W 2nd St Austin, TX 78701 6 pm – 9 pm
TBA City Council Meeting 301 W 2nd St Austin, TX 78701 6 pm – 9 pm


How Can You Help? (Also, see first posting)


  1. Come to City Hall on: December/TBA @ 6pm. Have your opinion heard about the EXPANSION in our neighborhood and hear how it will impact our community.

  2. Become a “Street Volunteer” (e-mail us for more info).

  3. Spread the word about/Like our FaceBook page

  4. Sign up for the Neighborhood Alliance e-mail list.


A Few Questions

Here are a few questions that have come up:

  1. 40′: Why can’t they only build up to the currently zoned height of 40′ feet? / Why be so GREEDY with the height?

  2. Why are you going against what the City is recommending for the zoning?

  3. Why didn’t the Asian American Center let the neighborhood know about the meeing on 10-10-2018?

  4. Who are these “FOR PROFIT” investors.

  5. Why was there no Facebook or NextDoor.com or any other social media platform used by the AACC to inform their/the community about the 10-10-2018 meeting and the 10-24-2018 meeting?

  6. Why will there be no traffic study? Are you open to having one?

  7. Where are the water retention ponds?/What about flooding issues?

  8. How high will the parking ramp be?

  9. Why do you need TABC license?/Will you be selling alcohol to the public?

  10. From the drawings, it looks like you will be removing the beautiful existing trees on your property?

  11. I have written my name and e-mail on the AACC’s meeting list, but yet no one contacts me when they are having their town hall meetings. Why?

  12. THE PAVILION SENIOR LIVING CENTER is only 2 Stories with 139 units in the same neighborhood.a. Why can’t the AACC be designed with only 3 stories?b. They have 139 units, but you’re only proposing 80 units?


10-10-2018 Presentation Photos of 5, 6, & 7 Story Center

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Raintree Estates – Neighborhood Proud Since 1957
“Our Community, Our Neighborhood & Our Backyard”