The Asian-American Cultural Center

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11713 Jollyville Road – Austin, TX

Amy Won Mok, the owner of the Asian American Cultural Center would like to hear from our community!
E-Mail Amy (HERE) or Call Amy: (512) 336-5069

Quick Links & Documents:

  1. KEYE TV News Coverage (bottom of linked page).

  2. Slide presentation, Neighborhood Meeting (05-04-16).

  3. City of Austin: Jollyville Rd lane proposal from 5 down to 3 lanes.


The Asian American Cultural Center’s EXPANSION:

Amy and her investors from China, are proposing an expansion of the AACC located at 11713 Jollyville Road (located between Bell and Secrest).

OUR LAST MEETING, 6:30 PM on Wednesday May 4th:
1. Amy spoke and shared her vision with the neighborhood.
2. Gary Wang, from Wang Architects, gave a slide presentation of the building project.
3. Amy has 15 investors from China already in place and ready to move forward with this building venture.
4. Currently zoned LO for a 3 story building; however, for this venture to be “feesable” some zoning changes must first occur, such as the need for a 7 story building (80 feet tall) ( more details below).

Amy knows this will effect not only the Raintree Estates neighborhood, but the surrounding neighborhoods and entire community; and this is why she is looking for feedback from the community.


The Center’s tentative proposal to the community

Asian American Cultural Center

The PROPOSED Asian American Cultural Center

AACC: May 4th meeting recap


    1. Proposed 7 Story building

    2. 60′, 70′ & 80′ tall

    3. 100 Units/Apartments

    4. Commercial Retail Space

    5. Additional 2 story school
      (back of property)

    6. Above ground parking ramp

    7. 20% Affordable Housing
      (Subsidized/Low Income)

    8. Currently Zoned LO

    9. Seeking zoning change to GR-MU

    10. Traffic Studies?

    11. Drainage Questions?

    12. More about Amy Wong Mok (owner)


Newly Proposed Center/Rezoning Photos

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