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May 5, 2016

The fence was discussed at our meeting with more updates coming.
Wednesday, May 4th @ 6:30 PM
The Asian American Cultural Center
(11713 Jollyville Road)

May 27, 2015


The Raintree Estates Neighborhood Association (RENA) is preparing an application to submit to the City of Austin’s Neighborhood Partnering Program.

This program allows citizens to propose small- to medium-scale projects on City‐owned property to improve the places in which they live, work and play.

Examples of projects that qualify:

  1. Beautification/landscaping.
  2. Trails, trailheads, & gateways.
  3. Pedestrian & bicycling enhancements.
  4. Community gardens.
  5. Pocket parks.
  6. Curb, gutter, & green streets.
  7. Street furniture.
  8. Park improvements.

Our neighborhood association would like to make “beautification/landscaping” improvements to the strip of city-owned property between Arabian Trail and the businesses along the 183 frontage road.

This would include the replacement of 800 feet of fence behind the businesses (starting at the cement fence next to Brake Check and extending down to about Hamrick Court.) We are proposing that the fence be 10 feet tall to provide a visual barrier between the neighborhood and the businesses; however, the height will depend on the the amount of city-funds available and our ability to get a variance on fence height. (The rationale for an 800-foot section is based upon recommendations from the city and its current financial constraints.)

We would also like to do some landscaping along this strip of property, but the city has informed us that this part of the project would need to be very limited because the drainage ditch that runs through the middle of the property needs to be protected. Some landscaping would be possible on the city owned property behind Brake Check where Arabian Trail takes a sharp turn. This would provide a “meet-up” area for the neighborhood, e.g., “neighborhood night out” and other neighborhood gettogethers.

The city is currently working on ways to improve the drainage situation in our neighborhood. When that is complete the neighborhood association could then apply for a second project to extend the fence further down Arabian Trail and do additional beautification/landscaping along the entire strip of property.

The estimated cost of fence is $30,000, which (if the project is approved) will be paid by the city and handled through existing city contracts. The neighborhood association will not handle any of the funds, nor will it be liable for these costs. We will also ask the city to fund native, drought-resistant plants and soil amendments.

Currently, we don’t have a cost estimate for landscaping (it will likely be less than $1500). The city requires a 30% match for all its costs. This match can be provided through in-kind labor (valued at $23.40/hour), cash or materials. Long term maintenance can also be used as match. If you want to donate your time (it will be appreciated) for things such as removing the fence, staining the new fence, planting, removing dead trees, mulching, etc.; however, no one in the neighborhood will be required to donate time or money.

The city requires documentation that 60% of the neighborhood-association residents approve of the project. In the next week or so, some of your neighbors will be coming by your house asking you to show your support for this project by signing an “evidence of support petition” that you approve of the project (or disapprove, but hopefully not.)