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Please let the City know your thoughts

and perhaps, lodge your own complaint.

Simply call #311 (non-emergency Austin)

I have lodged a complaint, but until MANY others lodge the same complaint, we will be low on priority for getting the traffic control people out.

PLEASE take 10 minutes to call 311 and lodge a complaint.  Here is all they should need to know:

Arabian Trail is dangerous to turn into and out from because ½ block up a new subdivision has been put on Q Ranch. There are no appropriate marking for turning left onto Arabian Trail OR Q Ranch.

If you live on Highland Oaks or Secrest and experience this with Sierra Nevada please include this in your complaint. I included those streets in my complaint, but told them I don’t live there and it
may not be as dangerous as with Arabian Trail and Q-Ranch.

Please help. My son and I were almost hit head on last night at 9:30 as we were waiting to turn left on Arabian. The person drove right up to us and flashed their head lights at us (in response to me flashing mine so they wouldn’t hit us) and finally went around.




Q Ranch Road